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last release : 2006
Music from the Storm
(5 movements and 3 reverse variations)

the house of soul is a musical project edited by Roberto Ventura and inspired to urban, rock, electronic and experimental sounds, looking for poetry and telling in music. Thanks to the music, everyone can travel through different sounds and genres, creativity is a way to be, a song is a long-term project and expresses something standing in heart and mind. But it's hard to realise where is the border between musical work and musical career, between expressive authenticity and the musician's trade. This project tried to distinguish between these two aspects of musical production, focusing on the first one, and it is available on MySpace and, for free download, on Lastfm.
In this website the house introduces the project, songs, lyrics and cd covers.


the house of soul produced:

music from the storm cd cover
Music from the Storm (5 movements and 3 reverse variations) [2006].
5 electroacoustic movements and 3 "reversed" variation.
ostinato for piano cd cover
Ostinato for Piano (six movements and ten variations) [2005].
6 movements for piano solo and 10 variations inspired to electroacustic music.
light enclosures cd cover
Light Enclosures [2003].
5 tracks ALBUM, visionary and romantic songs characterized by gained guitars and piano chords around a story-telling voice between resignation and hope.
in a former remix cd cover
In A Former Remix [2003].
4 tracks EP, of experimental-dance tendency, that precedes the release of the Light Enclosures album, then in progress. This ep is a "former remix" (like a former life...): the remix of a song that didn't exist yet...
joy, love, anger, grief & reverence cd cover
Joy, Love, Anger, Grief & Reverence [2002].
9 tracks rock-oriented ALBUM, a sonic universe made of emotional expressiveness, of lively energy as well as noise vibrations.

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